Should I be Concerned about my Baby Spitting-up?

Today I had no idea that I was spit up on. I just went about my business and found a surprise pile of white regurgitated milk mixed with plenty of drool covering my shoulder. Glad I put my entire hand in it since I didn’t know it was there.

The loud “SPLAT” noise that comes from the sticky stuff landing on the floor is all too familiar these days.  But, the splat is better than when it silently lands on the carpet until you discover the sticky wet puddle with your unsuspecting foot.

On a more serious note, I had concerns about what all this annoying vomit said about the health of my baby.   My Harvard trained  pediatrician said I should have no concern about the spit up quantity if she is a happy spitter-upper and she is gaining enough weight.  This means that she probably just hasn’t developed the little valve in her body that keeps the food down, or she has eaten too much.  The peak of spitting up is around four months, and it should start getting better by six months.

If she was unhappy after the spitting-up, then there could be some reflux issues, which means the stomach acid burns her throat and I should keep her head above her heart for 30 minutes after eating.  He said I could do this by putting something under her mattress to prop it up slightly (for when anyone else happens to have the same concern). Happy drooling, baby!

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