Hygiene Confessions of a Mom

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Everyone knows that moms are crazy busy. So, we sometimes have to take a few shortcuts to make ends meet. Meaning, we need to give up taking a crap or giving a crap.

If a mom were to divulge all of her hygiene secrets they might sound something like this:

  • She might tell others she showers every other day because a shower is a luxury. But the truth is probably more like every two, three, or (squirm) four days.
  • If she wears a hat, it’s not because it’s cute.  It’s because the option to fake that her hair is clean has long expired and a shower just wasn’t in the cards for the day.
  • She might just wash her armpits. After all they are the real culprits. She might just put on more deodorant.
  • She will likely forget she has toddler pee on her shorts and wear them a few more times.
  • She wipes her hands on her clothes to clean them after a meal so she can tend to a sudden disaster that seems to occur every five minutes or so.
  • She might just keep the shirt on she wore during the day for bed, and then just leave it on for the next day or two.
  • She doesn’t care about boogers anymore. At least from her own kid. Other kids’ boogers are still gross.
  • Her bed has been peed and spit up on, but since that happened days ago, she just says, “eh, it’s dry now, I’m too tired to change the sheets”.
  • Her home is a disaster 98% of the time, and the remaining 2% occurs moments before visitors arrive.
  • Old snacks are hidden at the bottom of the diaper bag that were once yellow, green, or red are now purple, blue, and brown.

Taking care of the basic needs of little ones means her needs often get the shaft. And, when she hardly has time to eat, pee, and shower, the other priorities are just hopeful aspirations for a day when she dreams she will be less busy.

Go Mommas!

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