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How Buying an Old Home is Like Having Children

We just bought a home that was built in 1920. It was dreamy, had character, and was the only one we liked in the time frame available.

We’ve slept in this house a total of three nights and I can’t help but think about how owning an old home is like having children. Here is why:

  1. They both leak. From mysterious places, and at the worst times.
  2. You’re up “working” on them late into the night.
  3. You’re parents warned you that it was going to be harder than you imagined, but you didn’t quite understand.
  4. You’re parents were right, but you don’t want to tell them.
  5. There are some stains that just won’t come out.
  6. You worry about them breaking down.

    Moving with kids, old homes, old house, buying homes

    Leaky roof right after re-plaster

  7. They end up being more expensive than you thought.
  8. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to clean.
  9. It’s exhausting at times.
  10. They’re your responsibility. You can’t call the landlord, or the parents you think are more qualified.
  11. You like both hired and free help, but you don’t trust just anyone.
  12. sometimes they smell funky.
  13. You wonder if you made the right decision (just kidding kids!) but at the end of the day, you know you did.

    Moving with kids, old homes, old house, first time home buyer, buying homes

    Sibling love


7 thoughts on “How Buying an Old Home is Like Having Children

  1. M Douglas Archer

    The vintage home and your children have lots more in common…they both are unique, they both have great character, they are so very beautiful and they both are your future!
    Embrace them with your whole heart and the returns will be priceless. You are blessed!

  2. Ellen

    This is an interesting analogy! We moved into our 1922 home last December, 14 days before our second born arrived…sort of like having twins? :). It’s definitely been a rough year — I hadn’t given much thought to the house adding significantly to our stress levels, but it must. Because this is the only home we’ve owned, however, I don’t know how a newer home would be easier. Happy New Year! Congrats on the house!!!

    1. Tom

      It sure was fun to read your comments particularly since I’m the father who told you how difficult this house would be in the first place but you still bought it and I’m happy that you did mostly because you’re no longer living under my roof your brother made me say that we know it will all be good because everything was done in love and as long as you continue to do that we will always have happy endings

    2. Mother of Drool Post author

      Oh I definitely think a new home added to your yearly stress toll! Old homes just have had more life for things to break. They have great character though. I suppose it’s like humans getting old and needing knee replacements but having experience that makes them unique. I love your house!! Happy new year to your family!! Hoping to visit soon :).


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