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Tips and Tricks for Babies Part 1

All parents learn tricks to survive the years when their children are little… and sometimes it really does take years to get to a place where you don’t feel like you’re in panic mode every second. Or is it that you just get used to panic mode? Regardless, tricks, and not the magic kind, do help. Every parent figures out what works for their family, but sometimes those insights are transferable. Continue reading

How to Fly with Two Kids and Not Pay for Checked Bags

Call us crazy, but we still fly with two kids two and under without paying for checked bags.  We live in Los Angeles and our family is in the Midwest, so we fly back several times a year and usually stay for a week or two.

When we went on our first trip with our two-year old and infant, I was a nervous wreck and kept saying to my husband “how are we going to do this!?”  Well, heavens to Betsy, we surprised me and figured it out by trial and error.  We tried two different ways, Continue reading