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mom thoughts, the thought record of a mom for 1 hour as she tries to decide on a preschool

A Thought Record of a Mom for 1 Hour Trying to Decide on a Preschool

An attempt to record my words and thoughts for about an hour on a normal Wednesday morning.

“No you can’t eat that cereal when you’re sick it has too much sugar”. What should I do with the kids today, should I take them to that new soccer thing? But it’s kind of expensive. But I think it could be really good for my daughter to learn some soccer skills when she’s young because what she learns now will be so much more natural later. But will she even like soccer? I don’t think she likes it. Continue reading

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Parenting is…

Parenting is:

Feeling like you should just set up a tent at Target.

Having one child fall on their head while the other pees their pants and the doorbell rings. Continue reading

The Best Sound in the World

This Christmas, my son’s most favorite gift was a used tennis ball we found in the garage.  May we all find joy in simple things, like used tennis balls and baby giggles!  Click the link below to see the video!


What do Stay at Home Moms do all Day?

what do stay at home moms do

I used to wonder “what do stay at home moms do all day?” I assumed they watched cartoons, talked on the phone, did their own thing while the kids played. Part of the reason it is so hard to know what a stay at home parent does is because every time someone asks this question the response is so full of small things that she doesn’t know how to answer it.  Because she is CONSTANTLY  Continue reading

Hygiene Confessions of a Mom

hat hair

Everyone knows that moms are crazy busy. So, we sometimes have to take a few shortcuts to make ends meet. Meaning, we need to give up taking a crap or giving a crap.

If a mom were to divulge all of her hygiene secrets they might sound something like this:

Continue reading

You Know Your Life is Crazy When

I love chocolate

You are so sleep deprived that you wake up in the morning (after waking up 10 times in the night with your infant) and say this about the person six inches away from you in bed: “is that my baby or my husband? Continue reading

Jobs you can get after being a Stay at Home Mom

If, like me, your stay-at-home mom you may have anxiety about what sort of job you would be qualified for after being out of the market for years.  My husband goes to work and learns how to manage people and complex projects while I’m at home cleaning up pee.  If only that would give me a résumé boost. Continue reading

Eating My Words about TV


Back in July of 2012 I wrote a well-intentioned post entitled Is it OK for My Baby to Watch TV?  In the post I quote the author of a book called Brain Rules for Baby that explains scientifically why TV is no good for kiddos.  After reading the book, letting my first child watch TV was almost akin to letting her drink a can of beer. The information is interesting, researched, and valid, but I now humbly admit that if watching TV is like having a beer, I have two very drunk children. Continue reading