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Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxious Youth Challenge

So, I’m taking a class this weekend called BCBT or Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxious youth. The reason I’m writing this post is because we’ve been challenged, as future clinicians and therapists, to do something that causes us anxiety. We all have anxiety about something and the assignment is to do something that makes you nervous and examine how you feel. So, I realized that sometimes I obsess about my blog posts and very often write a draft and never actually post it (I have over one hundred of those drafts actually). So, I get 15 minutes to write a post, no proofreading allowed. Thank goodness for auto spell check. my spelling is terrible. Also, first drafts are usually terrible and mine are no exception.

I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve learned in this class.

There are different types of anxiety: separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, specific phobia, panic disorder and agoraphobia. Combined, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder among children and adults.

So, we all have experienced anxiety. We can tell we have anxiety by our physical symptoms, such as sweaty palms, heart racing, short breathing, stomach in knots. Anxiety is natural and it’s a protective factor to warn us about danger. But sometimes a person has anxiety beyond what is normal and it is inhibiting their life. This is how we know someone might need help.

The most effective treatment is a combination of therapy and medication, however it it’s not a really severe case, it’s best to start with therapy since medication always has some side effects. Interestingly, antidepressants are used to treat anxiety and are actually more effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety than in treating depression.

Right now, I’m doing the FEAR plan, it’s one component of treatment for CBT or the Brief Coping Cat which is the 8 session therapist thing I’m learning.

The fear plan helps walk you through a scary situation.

F: feeling frightened: Identify your feelings and your body’s response to fear (scared, heart racing, shortness of breath)

E: expecting bad things to happen: what’s the worst that could happen? Everyone could think my post is bad. Someone who wants to hire me in the future for some fancy job could read this lame post and say “that is crappy writing”. I could look stupid.

A: Actions and Attitudes that can help: So here I talk about the positive thoughts that would help me get through this such as: It’s ok to not be perfect. If I make a typo, it’s not the end of the world. No one really cares that much, there’s so much media out there that this post won’t even be on people’s radar. Also, people who subscribe to my blog are nice. I’ve never had anything bad happen where someone made a hateful comment (how surprising is that?!). Also, it will feel good to challenge myself.  ACTIONS: I’m going to do it

R: Reward: think of how to reward yourself for being brave. Well, I’m going to feel good about challenging myself and there’s intrinsic value in feeling brave. I’m also going to eat chocolate ice cream later. But I was probably going to do that anyway.

My time is up! Time to hit submit.



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The Fantastic Few Books #2- Oldies

We’re all starting school and getting into our new routines and I keep remembering my commitment to put out some good book reviews out there and haven’t done it. Who knew that doing something two times in a row would be so difficult? I’m blaming it on #momlife #gradschool #kindergarten #threeyearolds #parenting #laundry #kidseatingfood

All excuses aside, I have some books here I’m super excited to shine a new light on. They’re oldies that withstand test of time. Continue reading

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The Fantastic Few, my favorite-not-so-well-known children’s books. Theme: Learning

Hey friends!

It’s been awhile. I had an idea 4 years ago to post about quality children’s books because I’ve been frustrated with the random judge-a-book-by-its-cover library pulls. And 4-10 years is about how quickly my ideas are rolling out! The plan is to put out a few fantastic children’s books every few weeks.

These won’t all be new books because some of the best are oldies I’ve never heard of. And that makes me think of a midlife crisis. Continue reading

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Is Femininity Defined by Eyelashes and Toenails?

Published earlier today on

“Mommy, I know it’s a girl on TV when she has big eyelashes,” my four-year-old said confidently during a reluctant potty break from her favorite show.

She’s totally right—though men and women actually have the same eyelashes when they wake up in the morning. Girls, both cartoons and real, are portrayed on television with a signature trait: eye makeup. Even our beloved baby Margaret on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has enhanced eyelashes when compared to her brother. And don’t even get me started on Elsa. 

It hit me that my daughter’s first identifier of femininity was, in reality, fake.

I started thinking about all the other steps a typical woman takes, beyond what a typical man would do, just to get ready for the day. The list goes something like this:
Continue reading

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The Mother Induced Gender Wage Gap

I was talking about the gender wage gap with one of the professors in my Masters of Social work program last week between classes. To be there, I had arranged childcare, driven 45 minutes, paid a lot of money in tuition, and felt entirely rushed to return to my 2 and 4-year-old as soon as possible. So, every second must be extremely productive.

I’m not a great person to be friends with since I’m only on campus for class and then I dart home to help with dinner, bedtime, or begin to tackle loads of homework.

Back to the conversation with this professor: I was informing him of some reading I did on the impact of pornography on the sexualization of girls and women in society and how some argue that sexualization/ objectification is partly to blame for the gender wage gap. If you think about how women are portrayed predominantly as sex objects in all forms of media, then it makes sense that women wouldn’t be taken seriously in big decisions or for leadership roles. Objectification takes away person-hood and makes a person an object for another person’s pleasure. And nobody would make an object the CEO. Continue reading

I Ruined My Child’s Life Over a Tortilla

I’m part of an online mom’s group where we share parenting struggles. We all have 4-year-olds and there’s a trend emerging among our kids lately. They are saying things like: “You are the worst mommy ever!”, “I hate you mommy!” and “I wish Jessica was my mommy and not you”. Thanks for being so awesome, Jessica.

It’s both hilarious and heartbreaking considering all that a parent does for their kid only to get verbally slapped in the face. Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks for Babies Part 2

As some of you know, having a new baby is not as easy as all those sleepy newborn photos make it look. A few weeks ago I posted Tips and Tricks for Babies Part 1 and because the list was so long, I created Part 2. Here is some unsolicited advice, since you didn’t ask! Continue reading

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A Thought Record of a Mom for 1 Hour Trying to Decide on a Preschool

An attempt to record my words and thoughts for about an hour on a normal Wednesday morning.

“No you can’t eat that cereal when you’re sick it has too much sugar”. What should I do with the kids today, should I take them to that new soccer thing? But it’s kind of expensive. But I think it could be really good for my daughter to learn some soccer skills when she’s young because what she learns now will be so much more natural later. But will she even like soccer? I don’t think she likes it. Continue reading

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What it’s like to be a Stay at Home Dad

Being a stay at home mom, I know that there are many other moms in the same place with whom I can find camaraderie. That wouldn’t necessarily be the case for a stay at home dad. It is becoming more common for dads to stay home, but it is still counter cultural and with that I suspect come unique challenges. I reached out to one of the stay at home dads I know and asked If he could write about his experience. Here are his thoughts: Continue reading

Why I Chose to be a Stay at Home Mom, SAHM, parenting

Why I Chose to be a Stay at Home Mom

I was going to write about my choice to stay home mom a few years ago when it was fresh. It’s a decision many new parents struggle with. But then I got scared. What if I offended someone? It’s such a touchy topic. So the idea died, as most of my half-written drafts do (the reasons for my fears and paralysis in writing might come out in another post one day, if I’m not too scared to write it:). Continue reading