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Here’s the short version: This blog is here because parenthood is harder than anyone ever expects and knowing that others struggle to manage someone less than three feet tall can give necessary solace. I am a full-time mom and a part-time grad student. This means I do a mishmash of mending meltdowns, playing with toy trucks, studying at every moment the kids are asleep, going to class with pipe cleaners, stickers, and diapers popping out of my bag and leading character development groups in an urban high school.

The longer version:  Parenting was shockingly more difficult that I anticipated and I often think about how much harder it is for parents with less social support. I hope that through my posts, I can give parents comfort in the midst of the daily grind of parenthood, knowing they are not alone even though they haven’t had an adult conversation or showered in three months.

I also enjoy sharing information that’s been useful to me. I hope that this information can potentially curb child abuse by letting parents know what is developmentally appropriate for their child and providing resources. Not that I have it all figured out, but I can share good insights as I come across them. I’m looking forward to writing more about what I learn through my Masters of Social Work program. I’m already paying for school, so I may as well share the knowledge for free.

And I need to hear from you on this site. I strongly believe that we learn from each other, and that by sharing our diverse experiences, we can all benefit. Please comment on a post or send me your thoughts if you’d like to guest post.

Thanks for being here!


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